There’s No Such Thing as “Too Good to be True”

Be clear about what you want, be proud and accepting that you want it

My Dad is a humble, practical man with modest expectations from life. I’d consider him a generally happy person, and he is definitely a great dad.  However, he does have one belief that surely holds him back from a true state of bliss, and I finally called him out on it when I was gushing about some dream come true or another.


We’ve all heard it, and most of us believe it, but it’s simply not true.  Just because something is exactly what you want does not mean it is a curse in disguise, going to slip through your fingers, or that you are deceiving yourself about what you are really encountering.

When you let yourself want what you really want, and believe that you can actually have it, you create a space for God, the Universe, the infinite, your inner divinity to fill that space with exactly what you have asked for–or something even better.
I wanted to work for myself, but I wanted even more than that. I wanted to make six figures, determine my own schedule, work from anywhere in the world, and work no more than 25 hours a week to leave room to write, paint, and learn French. And now I do, and I believe it’s because I believed it could actually work.

I allowed myself to want a game-changer boyfriend, and now I have one. He loves being around me, he loves my cooking, he satisfies my ravenous sexual appetite, and travels with me. He encourages me to write, calls me out when I’m being a Drama Queen, and was a great host and tour guide for my mom for four days. He unabashedly says he wants to marry me, and that yes, I drive him crazy.

I adore my friends in Santa Monica, but I was missing my soul sister Shadiah. She had the audacious goal of moving to Santa Monica, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in LA, for $1000 a month. We both believed it could happen, set the Universe in motion, and now she is moving in next door to me–for $1000 a month.
I look up to the Bravolebrity entrepreneurs such as Patty Stanger, Jeff Lewis, and Bethenny Frankel, and I wanted a personal assistant like they had. I put up a Loveawake ad, and hired one on the spot. She is super-smart, energetic, responsive, has an advanced degree, and looks enough like me to even pose as me from time to time (strange but useful!). She pays my rent when I forget, manages my calendar, decorates my apartment, drops me off at the airport, and returns the many things I buy online and later regret. It’s everything I ever wanted out of a personal assistant.
I’m a movie fanatic who bemoans the rising price of movies. I wished I could live in walking distance of a movie theater and pay $5 like the good ole days. I now live in walking distance of four AMC movie theaters, and just bought 20 tickets at $5 each through Living Social.  It is a small but important victory over “too good to be true.”
Not all of my dreams have come true. I’m not a talk show hostess. I’m not a famous writer. I don’t have my VW Eos convertible in candy white. But I believe that I can have those things–and that’s enough for now.

The next time you find yourself thinking, “It would be amazing if…” believe that it can actually happen. It’s not too good to be true. Be clear about what you want, be proud and accepting that you want it, and then move on with your life fully expecting to receive it.

Allowing yourself to want what you really want, and then believing that you can actually have it,  is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself.